For Certified Lips PMU Artist Only!

Want To Learn The Best Lips Permanent makeup Techniques in just 3-4 hours that will make clients rush towards you?

...without having to spend years practicing, begging for clients or spending a fortune.



Feeling stuck only knowing how to do a Simple lip blush? know that there are more ways and techniques but you simply don't know how to do them?



Want to offer more for your clients?

...clients demand more and more but you feel like you lack knowledge and skills?


Want to Grow as a professional PMU artist? you can become more respected permanent makeup artists, get more clients and charge higher prices?

If you answered at least one of those questions YES... then we have a perfect solution for you!

Keep reading to see how

Hi, i'm agnes!

Some call me the “Lip Queen”.

I'm a worldwide known Lips Permanent Makeup artist and you may know me from my technique called “Frozen Lips” .
So far I’ve helped over 5000 clients to have the most fantastic lips ever and today, I’m going to show you how you can do that too.

Working as a professional PMU artist for over 10 years, running my own studio, traveling and teaching other permanent makeup artists all over the world my techniques, I've noticed that the vast majority of PMU artists are stuck only knowing one technique...

...which usually is a simple lip blush.

The thing is that most of lips permanent makeup artists don’t even realise that this is a HUGE problem...

...because not being able to offer different techniques means that you’re NOT providing the most amazing experience for your clients and probably losing quite a few of them too.
The industry is rapidly changing, clients demand more and more and if you can not keep up with the current trends soon enough your permanent makeup business is going to suffer.

There are many different ways to create the most beautiful lips using different needles, amount of needles, different techniques and make your work truly stand out.

Being able to create something beautiful and make your clients happy and confident is honestly one of my favourite things to do and I want you to feel the same way.

Good news is that I’m going share all of my secrets, techniques and tactics with you to create the most beautiful permanent makeup lips you’ve ever done.

If you have the passion, you love to bring a smile on your clients face and make them be confident but you feel like you simply lack knowledge and skills then what I’m about to share in just a second is exactly for you.


Advanced Lips PMU Masterclass

An online masterclass for certified Lips PMU artists only that will help you to reach new heights of artistry with your craft

STEP 1: Learn New Techniques

During our online masterclass we will show different techniques and ways to do lips permanent makeup. Q&A time included.

STEP 2: See Live Demo

After watching and learning about new techniques we will go over 2 hours of LIVE demo on a model to make sure you know exactly what to do. 

STEP 3: Get Certified!

After completing our online masterclass you will receive internationally recognised certificate which will help you to build trust with your clients and become more reputable PMU artist within community.

Here is what you will get once you join our

Advanced Lips PMU Masterclass

access to LIVE Online Masterclass
You will have access to our LIVE online masterclass which will be held on March 24th, 2022. During the masterclass we will show you all of the new techniques and everything you need to know to successfully offer them for your clients. You will be able to ask questions during Q&A time so we won't leave you in uncertainty. We will also do a LIVE demo on a model to make sure you understand exactly what and how to do it.
Full masterclass recording for 1 year
After the event  you will get unlimited access to the recording of the whole masterclass for 1 year so you can always re-watch it to brush up on knowledge.
internationally Recognisable certificate
After you finish the masterclass you will receive an internationally recognisable certificate which will help you to get more trust from your clients, become more respected PMU artist, get more clients and grow your professional career.
Access to secret group with Agnes
In case you will have any questions after the masterclass you will be added to the secret group with Agnes where you can get advice any time you need.
Discount on items and Courses
Each masterclass member will receive an exclusive 30% discount on all of our PMU supplies and 50% on all of our online courses.

During our online masterclass you will be able to Learn those things:

Difference between needles

Create different results for each individual client using 1, 3, 5 or 7 point cartridges.

How to Use Different needles

Each needle require a different way of handing it, we are going to show you how to use all of them.

new Lip PMU Techniques

Aquarelle, Lipstick, Velvet lips. How to do perform all of them, angles, movements, which one to choose for each client.

How To Choose A needle Based On Each Individual Client

Each client requires a different needle for a specific results. Learn how to exactly know which one to choose.

How to choose a technique based on each individual client

Some techniques look better on one client than another. We will show you show to know which one will look the best so your clients will always be happy.

how to safely Perform Micro pigmentation

You will learn how to safely perform micro pigmentation so you can be confident in what you do and not worry about ruining lips.

Lips care before and after PMU

Not taking care of lips before and after PMU can produce less than appealing results for your clients. Avoid that by knowing what NOT to do.

Angle and movement 

It's not only about which needle to use but also how to use it. We will show you the specific angles and movements you need to know.

Colour theory

Learn how to choose the right colours for different looks you're going for. Become confident in your ability to create exactly what your client asked for.

Once you complete our Advanced PMU Masterclass You will receive our internationally recognisable certificate which will help you to:

get more trust from your clients

Some people may be hesitant to trust you to apply permanent makeup on their lips. Our internationally recognisable certificate will serve as a badge of trust and confidence.

grow your career as a Professional PMU artist

Certificate will help you to confidently offer more services and get more clients as a result of that. That means you can work with more people and help more people feel confident and happy.

Become more respected PMU artist in your area

Being able to offer more services and being more confident in what you do will automatically put you higher in the ranks of PMU artists which in turn will make more people come to you to become your clients.
"I've just finished permanent makeup courses with teacher Agne. I was really enjoying the atmospher in there. In my oppinion Agne she is not only teaching students she is also inspiring them how to be the best of the best in their future career. I would definitely suggest to choose Agnes Permanent Academy👌❤" - Erika Falkyte

Why should you join Now?

Permanent makeup industry is growing day by day making more and more beauty specialist offer that type of services.

By attending our online masterclass and getting internationally recognisable certificate you will be able to break through the noise and show your legitimacy and skill.

For a short amount of time our "Advanced Lip PMU Masterclass" is on a 50% OFF discount making it a perfect opportunity to become more skilled and trustworthy PMU artist.
5000 Clients | 100+ Students | 30 Masterclasses
5000+ Clients
100+ Students
30 Masterclasses

See the results you'll be able to achieve once you complete our Advanced Lips PMU Masterclass

"Completed advanced PMU training with Agnes. Very satisfied with the individual course! Agne is a great teacher and positive, inspiring person. Thank you for the knowledge you share with your students unselfishly!" - Brigita Sla

Here's What You Get When You Reserve Your Spot Today:

  • LIVE Access To Our Online "Advanced Lips PMU Masterclass" on March 24th, 2022
  • ​Ability To Ask Questions During The Online Masterclass
  • Access To The Recording Of The Masterclass For 1 Year
  • Internationally Recognisable Certificate
  • ​Access To A Secret Online Group With Agnes
  • ​Discounts On ALL Of Our Products

Regular Price: $500

Today JUST $250

"I attended Agnes semi-permanent makeup beginners course in February. Teachers Agnes and Paulina was the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever met. During the course they kept asking if we have any more questions if we feel insecure about some treatments and they would give advice from the bottom of their hearts about all questions we would have..." - Saida Naite

All Your Questions Answered

 What is the "Advanced Lips PMU Masterclass"?
"Advanced Lips PMU Masterclass" is an online masterclass which will help you become more knowledgable, skilled & trustworthy permanent makeup artist, offer more services for your clients and grow your professional career.
 Who is it for?
For certified lip PMU artists who want to grow and expand their knowledge and skills.
 When will the event be hosted?
The online event will be hosted on March 24th, 2022.
 Where will I able to see the LIVE masterclass?
Online masterclass will be streamed online, you will receive link to watch via email you provide once you join.
 Why do I need this?
If you want to grow your professional career as a permanent makeup artists, offer more and get more clients but you feel like you lack knowledge and skills which online masterclass will help you to solve that.
 What if I have questions?
You can always reach out to us via email at for any questions you have. During the masterclass you will have the ability to ask questions during Q&A time. After the masterclass you will be added to the secret group with Agnes for continuous support.
 What if I can not attend?
Whole masterclass will be recorded and hosted online exclusively for the members. You will receive unlimited access for 1 year. You can access the recording at any time.
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